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FS 55 gal tank/rock/fish/crabs


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I am in the service and transfer in 5 months so figured i would get the ball rolling on my tank. The tank is a 55 gallon glass with two penguin biowheel 200 fiters on the back. Lighting is a corallife with four 65 watt bulbs. So the good stuff inside the tank is 80lbs of fiji rock, 4 anemone's, hermit crabs, emerald crab, squirrel fish, spotted damsil, and tomato clown. Lots of extras, jugs for water, cleaning supplies, and food. I would like to get $460 for everything. Will seperate, I would rather someone come take all the rock,fish, crabs and anemone's, before I start selling rock by the pound. I will give this ad some time.


Tank, stand, and light = $200

Fiji Rock 80lbs x $2.50 = $200

anemone's, fish, crabs = $60





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