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Sump and other stuff for sale


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I have posted this a couple times and I am tired of holding onto it, meaning my wife wants it gone(wife), so I am pricing this (censored) to sell


Sump I believe it is a 20g pre-baffled....$100 have been told it is worth almost twice as much


Stand for 48 inch bowfront such as a 72 gallon....$75 have seen them listed for twice as much


72 Gallon Bowfront without center brace, but does include custom brace, drilled with bulkheads still in place, including overflow box....$50


I also have a 100+ colony of Whammin Watermelon's....$40 about the size of a softball Pending


a 5 or so polyp frag of the Orangesomthingorothers......$20 that's under $5 a polyp same as my avatar Pending


5 to 10 polyp frag of Whammin Watermelons and Radioactive's....$5 that's .50c per polyp Pending


10 or so polyp frag of Green Bay Packers....$10 that's $1 a polyp they are mostly babies. Pending


All prices are obo so make an offer. I want this stuff out ASAP and will post on Craigslist in 1 week


$275 takes all, $250 to members.

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