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OK, so I guess I leaped before I looked.


I picked up a used 150W halide setup with moguls without realizing that there are almost *no* single end 150W bulbs out there for sale.


The ballast is pulse-start. So, my question is, if I swap out the mogul fitting for a DE fixture, will I be able to drive typical 150W DE bulbs with it?


I have read up a little but the whole "HQI" labeling thing is a little confusing because people don't seem to use it accurately. So, even though this is not an "HQI" ballast, will I be able to drive DE bulbs (which may or may not be called HQI depending on where you get them) with it?

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What ballast is it?


Don't know the name brand - it looks like a DIY assembled job. After looking at the specs for the Phoenix bulbs, they seem to indicate that they'll run fine on a non-HQI pulse-start ballast, but the color will be different (more blue on non-HQI). So, that's probably what I'll end up doing.

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FWIW, the 150W DE Radium is designed to run on pulse start magnetic ballasts, so I may give that one a whirl next.


I picked up a 14k Phoenix bulb the other day from Upscales, and have been pretty happy with it. Good, somewhat bluish coloration (definitely bluer than the 250W 14k Phoenix I have at home, running on an electronic ballast), good "pop" on my rics and zoos with fluorescence, and judging by the way my zoas are crowding the rocks, much higher PAR than what I used to have. (rock2)

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