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Actual PAR *DATA* for current-gen LED lighting


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And the data is good. Kind'a.


Bottom line, AI's 74W LED fixture (Cree XP-G based) is on a par with (get it? on a par with! (laugh)) a 250W HQI (Phoenix 14K DE, SLS Galaxy, SLS LumenMax3 reflector). In real world terms, replacing a 2x MH setup with a couple of these bad boys would save about $6.50 a month in PNW electricity costs or about $75 a year. Two of these bad boys will set you back about $2500 (including tax, shipping, etc)... sooo, figuring you'd normally replace those MH bulbs once a year, to the tune of $125/year for the pair (and the fact that you could sell the current MH fixture to help pay for the LED system) you'd have to run the LEDs for about 8 years just to break even. DOH! Oh, and the smart money has them failing in less than 5 years. (threaten)


LEDs are cool, but they aren't that cool (yet). Gotta get those prices down.

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