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Dont know what this is! Help


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I have these strange things on my overflow! At first I thought it was a mushroom so I tried to get it off but they are soft and squishy like a zoa but they dont open like a zoa and I don't know how a zoa would have gotten to the overflow. If you can see these well let me know. They kinda pop like a zoa does and not like green bubble algea but they have bubbles kinda like green algea except in clusters. They pop really easily! They are a reddish pinkish color. These are the best pics I could get but I took one off and put it in the sump on top of my cheato to see if I could get a better pic so that is what the one is of. You can see where the two popped and I was very gentle to take them off! Anyone have any ideas? They are no where else in my tank!! Should I worry about them and if yes how do I get them off without popping or going into my overflow?




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I am pretty sure it has not happened overnight but I don't know how long they have been there. Since Christmas I haven't been able to fully open my door to the stand because a bookself had to be move in its way for the Christmas tree. I thougth I saw it there around Christmas but couldn't get in to take pictures, or close enough to remove it! If it were eggs what would be laying large eggs on the overflow? I have a guard over it so fish cant go down the overflow. This stuff is on the guard and the overflow. The tank has only been up since End of Sept but most came from the tank before I had to move it.

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Definatly looks like Red Bubble algea to me. I like em' If they grow under MH lights they get all pearly. Very pretty:p. But my tang eat them all! Get an emerald crab they really like em to! Put em in your sump or scrape them out use a razor blade and try not to pop em. I read somewhere that is a good way to spread them.(scratch)

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