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Want to S/T 2-DE 150MH 20K bulbs


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Hey Mark, I would be looking at SPS, but not a fan of the BN or more monti-digi, cap, etc.


Any acro in the blue, purple, yellow- Loripes, Lokani, Granulosa, Suharsonoi, Jacquelineae, Gemmifera-just to name afew

how about a single polyp of that blasto I saw-I know not SPS, and not a fair trade..


If you have anything along those line LMK-You can see what I'm lacking if you look through this;




granted that was 2 days and 3 frags ago-my ID suits me fine-(nutty)

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Nice tank. I saw your tank update earlier and didn't put 2 and 2 together when I posted in this thread.


I'm not much of an SPS guy. I'm pretty sure I haven't any of those you mentioned...don't think I've heard of most of them either. I've got a pretty good sized tabling green milli I could frag. Grown it from a frag over a year and a half. Prefer not to frag my blastos though.


If not the milli, maybe I'll just pay cash DOH!

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