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Caulerpa went sexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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well, my (cussing) caulerpa went sexual, (cussing), i knew this was going to happen but i was holding off on taking it out til i had the new tank up and running, just 1 more month :(.


what are my options here? ive been in touch with a member of the club who lives close to me, thanks steve, and hopefully i can get my corals into his tank tomorrow, weve lost our melanarus and our bar goby, oh by the gods am i gonna die for this one.


im out of salt til tomorrow, (flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)(flame)

if anyone ever tells me to put caulerpa in my tank again, i swear to the gods im gonna brain em

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you may still be able to recover by tomorrow if you can find salt locally or ask Steve to borrow some.. Do a 20% water change. If you tank is mature, the Nitrite should be consume fairly quick.. you'll just have to deal with the Nitrate.


I had caulerpa issue before, but had salt on hand to do water change and carbon to help absorb some impurities. Now I always have at least 2 buckets of salt around for emergency and 30g of water ready to go.


Good luck.

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Thanks man, the reason im just thinkin about tearing this one down is the fact that next month I'll be finishing up my new build, all im waiting on now is 2 part, new test kits, plumbing supplies, which im still unsure on what to get, as well as some stuff to make my baffles with

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it's always fun to start over.. even though it's not starting over fresh, but a new start... I just finished over hauling my tank due to lack of maintenance and up keep. Dead SPS, receeding LPS, bubble algae all over the rocks and these green fuzzy algae all over the algae... replaced 75% of the rocks and all gravel, soak and cleaned all pumps and pipes that I can clean and the sump and skimmer. As well as upgraded all my RO/DI unit to higher output rate. Now just waiting for my water sensor that will shut my return pump off in the event water is overflowing from my return pump. My sump is hooked up to my house drain so rather shut the pump down and have it flow into my sump and drain. :)


Lots of work and $$$, but fun restocking and seeing a major improvement in the tank.


Keep us posted.

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I try to hide all my returns like Steve Weast did when he has his tank running.. Learned many good techniques from him. For the return pump, I have a Dolphin 3600 pump. It was actually the Dolphin 3000/4000 pump, but the flow wasn't there, so I swapped out my 3600 impeller and now I get more flow than before. I also have a CL with out all the outlet hidden in the rocks. The CL pump is a Dolphin 5600. It's suppose to get 6000GPH with 2" pipe. There is a cavity behind the rock work so all my fish like to go hide in there. And I have the CL output blowing any dust or detritus out from the back to the front. I want to get more flow, but don't like the looks of powerhead in the tank. Oh, for the return, it's supposed to be 2 1" SS with upgrade motor, but I dropped one and crack the entire body. Have a box for it, just need to drill it and put it back together. The stock 1" SS didn't do the job and the motor died after a year.


My skimmer is a was custom built by Reef Mania (No longer in business). The guy lived in mid-west and flew it out to me to see it get installed. It's has 2 re-circ pumps on the skimmer. I think he said it was rated for up to 750g. I think the skimmer body is 14" across, or basically the diameter of a 5g bucket. He gave me a huge discount so I bought it. :) He CNC all the parts.

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good lord man


what are the dims on it? have you considered the vortech powerheads? they're a lot smaller than any other stock powerhead you'll need for that size tank, the mp40w is really nice i want an mp20 for my new build, but its gonna have to wait a few months lol

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just thought of something.. and maybe someone can chime in and say Yes or no... but if you can't get salt, what about using Ammonia remover and Nitrite remover. I'm concern about Nitrite.. No so much for the Nitrate, even though its high... but will likely brown out your corals in the short term.


Also, any buddy told me that he bought some live Manila Clams from a local asian store and that lowered his Ammonia... never tried this, but have to be careful from the clam dying.


Okay.. hope you can find some salt. :)

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yeah... looked into the Vortech 40mpw, but the only place I can put it is close to the top and I'm concern it will create a water funnel and suck air into the tank and now I have to deal with noise from it.. mean, the pump sucking air from the surface.


Tanks is 72" x 30" x 30". With an external overflow on the left side of the tank. It was designed for the last house and got lucky with the new house. :)

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im getting the corals out in the morning, giving them to a buddy to hold for me til the new tank is up and running


then tomorrow afternoon, im taking my rock out, its covered in caulerpa, i want it gone, and im gonna nuke it


dump the sand


clean out the tank and put it in the garage for now


fix my stand, it needs to be about 4" taller than what it currently


build my canopy


get my baffles installed


get the reactors from scott


get 15lbs of live rock


get new test kits


get 2 part


get new sugar sized white sand


get new powerhead, preferably 1 k3


get all plumbing supplies


get new tank up and running


and yes, i know, some of that is out of order


sorry for making intentionally so long, im still highly pissed at myself


thanks again reefcam, an check out those vortechs, they'll make your tank ROCK lol

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I feel for you man... it's a love-hate type of hobby... but more love cause we are crazy and still doing it. :)


Just a thought on some of you plumbing and equipment (i.e. pumps). You might consider using vinegar to clean them.. it does a great job.. that's what I did to make the equipment back to new condition. And kill off anything you don't want.

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