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Looking to upgrade to Metal Halide - Eugene


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Hi all, my tank's horribly underlight right now.

4x24w T5s in a ginormous 2ftx2ft fixture, and a 2x39w nova extreme for actinics.


I have a corner tank, so it's a bit of a sin NOT to have MH running on it, as a single spot lighting would look great


I mainly have lps and softies, and was thinking that a single 400w or a dual 250w would do the trick.


I'm not too up on the Metal Halide movement, so any advice would be soaked up like a sponge.


Or if anyone has any rigs that they are interested in selling, I'm looking. We have a baby girl coming in May, so I have about 4 months left to finish upgrading my tank before I have to leave it alone for a while. :)



Included is a crappy iphone picture of it, water's a little cloudy because I had just rearranged some rockwork.


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Here is a link to Sanjay Josi's review and testing of ballast and lamps. Go to the tab that says "Lamps and Ballasts". Enter 400 watts (or other #'s). Don't enter anything else and press search.


I would likely go for a 400 watt with a wide spreading reflector. This would allow for some shaded areas for your softies and give you intense light for SPS.Like this:


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What type of T5 fixture is it?


I would go with a 250DE setup. 400 would be a little overkill for the type of corals that you keep.


I concur! I believe light is overdone a lot. If you are going to stay with softies and lps I would only use a 250. You could even put a lot of sps in the tank with a 250 as long as they were closer to the top, good flow, cal, etc. I used to think a lot of light was the way until I read an article in coral magazine a while back. Between the article and many tanks I have seen recently my outlook has changed completely.

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