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looking for seagrass


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You Just missed it!!! I ordered some from a guy in florida. Got it last week!!! I took the extra to my friend Bob at Sunset Tropicals if you want to buy some.... He is a sponsor on the forum. Give him a call. He has a bunch for sale.


Oh it was sold to me as Eel Grass. Looks pretty good, settling nicely in my tank. Under 250 watt MH.



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Well the store i worked at a few years ago down here in Corvallis (Animal House) had some turtle grass on their lists, so I ordered a few clumps from him, it will be here tuesday. But if it comes in in poor condition I may just have to drive up to Aloha and get some from Sunset Tropicals.

P.s. I have no clue how much a clump is, thats just what they called it on the list "turtle grass clumps," Guess I'll find out.


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