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37G Oceanic w/stand and 24" HQI setup


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Okay so the swap over went well and so Im ready to sell the 37G Oceanic w/stand and 24" HQI setup.



37G Oceanic Cherry Trim 24x18x21. It is drilled in the bottom right hand corner for a 1" bulkhead. It has a corner overflow. I also painted the back black. Stand is a basic 32" tall stand. The tank and stand are mismatched but work (see pic) This is a really nice setup. Price $150


24" Current Outer Orbit fixture 150w DE MH & 2 65w PCs. The light has a newer Phoenix 14k bulb (2-3 months use) and 2 65w PC's (6 months). I will also include the 150w DE 10K Coralife bulb that came with it. Price $200


I will sell both for $300. Also if someone is looking for a complete setup I will include a Genx 2400 (return), 10G sump, and a preplumbed return line w/locline for a extra $40.


Heres a pic of the tank and stand when setup.



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I really dont need a extra stand since this tank isnt being made anymore. Oceanic was the only company that made one that is even close. I gotta sell the tank and stand together. It would be way too hard to sell without. Maybe we can work something out if its still there by then. Later Ryan

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