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Corals FS


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Pulling everything out by the weekend, whats left will go to Mr-S TFT

All pieces are well established on rock...$5-10 each

These are all easy corals, grown under T5's, great starters


GSP 2 varieties

Birdsnest- several


Devils Hand

Monti Digi -2 orange


Zoas ?

Misc SPS


Orange mushrooms

Hydnophora---several! 2-3"+






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If G.B.T.A. is green bubble tip anemone I'm interested. Also are you selling those GSP?


Yes there are two GSP the one in the pic on the rock I'm going to cut and keep a piece, I've never seen it before, I also have the GSP with the thick purple mat

I have several green bubble tip anemone's they all have purple tips

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Sorry Clay all gone...I'm leaving for vaca on the 28. I'll check back with you the end of Feb, I'm always fragging and growing pieces I set you up on your next trip to portland!





Buddy!! I will be up on the 30th!! Going to Kilmcas!!! Do you have the birdsnest and monti?



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