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Euro-Reef Quits Business


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Just got this email. Too bad they make (made) a good product. I have 2 Euro-Reef skimmers. I can bounce the collection cup off creamic tiles and it comes off without a crack.


To: franklinsnow@hotmail.com


New Year, Big Changes...


After 13 years of business, we at Euro-Reef have decided it's time for a change.


As of Dec 31st, 2009 Euro-Reef, Inc. will cease doing business.


Former CEO and Vice President Jeff Macaré has started a new company called Reef Dynamics which offers American Made, top of the line protein skimmers. Reef Dynamics only sells to Brick & Mortar Retail Dealers in the US & Canada.. Look HERE to find a dealer near you.


In addition, Reef Dynamics will also provide product support to existing Euro-Reef customers as well as limi ted warranty support for Euro-Reef products currently under warranty. For more information CLICK HERE.


Visit the new Reef Dynamics support forum at REEFTOOLS.


Former COO and President, Robbert Macaré has started a new company called Nano Reef Systems (new website coming soon at www.nanoreefsystems.com) which offers top of the line Nano Protein Skimmers.


We want to thank all of you who have supported us through the years and we hope you visit our new websites soon. And please, don't hesitate to drop us a line!




The Euro-Reef Family

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Does this seem odd to anyone else? They're shuttering the Euro-reef company, to start two new companies doing what they were doing before. It's going to take more than a name change to safely swim with the sharks in the high-end skimmer market.

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