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Once again its a grat day to be a Beaver! GO OSU!!


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Beavs send the #1 pick in the MLS Superdraft Danny Mwanga to Philly!! Thats the Beavs 2nd #1 pick ever including the Heisman Trophy winner Terry Baker!


Beavs win the last Civil War in the pit and then go on to beat Arizona then hopefully tonight can beat a good ASU team at home.


The game at TCU is finally inked. GO BEAVS!!


Then you got this guy! A typical Uck fan- Gotta love Youtube!!!


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I wouldnt burn them but cant say i dont share his frustration. At least the Ducks are not in danger of sharing that special record only the beavs can tout. Loud n proud now beavs say it with me: 0 and 18!!!!!


Yeah that was a rough year. I dont envision one like that ever happening again. You gotta remember the human terd of a coach Jay John we had!


Maybe Ernie rubbed off on him in that 1 year they coached together (laugh)


At least I can say the Beavs are I think 15th or 16th in all time wins? I cant find any list that goes past 50 so I dont know where the Ucks are :)

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