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Final update questions

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So I saw the deadline of the 31st, what are you wanting to see as far as the final photo?

1. Are you wanting a picture with all the polyps closed so you can count.

2. Opened and people stating the count....

3. What constitutes a "polyp", I am assuming something that is able to show color and not just the nub.


Just curious-Thanks

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If possible we would like to see the piece with polyps open first, just to see what you have. The picture we are really wanting in something that shows every polyp on the plug. I had to take 4 shots last time to do this. Ryan managed to take the shot in 2 and get a full count. I think from the top you could do one. Just do what it takes to show us all the polyps. I know on mine there were a couple nubs that didn't quite open by the end so I didn't count them. It showed through in my photos though so their was no issue.


So the short and sweet is: you must have at least one picture showing all polyps your counting. You can shoot more if you need to, to get them all accounted for. We would also like one of them open to see what they look like before.

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So the deadline is Jan 31st midnight? Mine took a crash from zoapox' date=' I might need every minute of that to catch up. (laugh) The upside is I learned - via GOC - what to do and how to save them.[/quote']


Glad to hear that this was helpfull. Yes midnight is the deadline


As for the last update. I do want to see all the polyps you have. Nubs are fine too. As a matter of fact, I would like to see a pic with them all closed too. If there is a tie the nubs MIGHT be taken into consideration

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