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broken return pump!!!


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Ok.... SO I was doing a water change...


Turned off return pump... when I turned it back on... NOTHING!!!


To top things off when i tried to get the darn thing out of the sump I broke off the part that goes in to the return tube! F@*K!


SO I finally got the pump out... cleaned it up a bit and seems to be running again...


I have to go get a part to fix what I broke...


My questions is... are the fish ok with 3/4 tank of water with powerheads running of a while?!?!?!?


Thanks for the info!!



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As long as you have power heads running it will be fine for awhile. Depending upon what you have could even work for quite awhile however you will lose the benefits the sump provides so the tank may slowly degrade over several days. (Skimmer, etc.)


Note: Be sure there is some circulation in the sump as well.

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Thanks Rick and CCR.


I thought it would be ok, but wasn't sure how long they would be fine for. I was lucky I didn't do this water change in the evening like I normally do.... as no one would have been open to help me out!!


I guess this is a perfect example on why we should have spare pumps and stuff at home... just for such emergencies!


Thanks again!


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