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Sapphie Aquatics is great!


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I bought a protein skimmer from Sapphire about 6 months ago for my 29 gal Bio Cube. It worked great until about 3 weeks ago when it just stopped getting any air bubbles up the neck. I e mailed Kyle @ Sapphire & he said the impeller was bad(they sent a spare with it when I first got the skimmer) I changed it & it worked fine for about 4 or 5 days then same thing. I e mailed him again & he said send him the pump (sicce pump) he will rebuild it & send it back the same day. Well I got the pump back & it worked fine for about a week. Low and behold,same thing again! I e mailed him again.Yesterday I got an e mail from Kyle & he said send him the whole shooting match & he will upgrade me to the latest design skimmer & I will not have any more problem. FREE OF CHARGE!

Now that's my kind of customer service.

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Good to hear. I ordered a solana skimmer from him about two months ago and have yet to receive it. They have been changing things with their impeller design and the person the get them from and have been having alot of problems, so they have yet to ship my skimmer. I know that its slightly out of their control, but its getting pretty old. Kyle is a great guy to deal with and I am hoping its worth the wait.

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