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My new trigger!


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He will probably start to dig in the sand bed at sometime.

All my triggers have done this.......... making themselves holes/caves to sleep in. Make sure your rocks are really stable.


Thats good to know! More holes... my goby has made all kinds of tunnels and holes under my rocks! I will make sure the rock is still stable to accommodate the bigger trigger!!



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My trigger is adjusting well. All the fish in the tank seem to be giving him his space. He is very docile. He does pick at the rocks a bit, but I will let him, as long as he leaves my zoas alone.


He is an awesome fish to sit and watch, great addition to my tank!


I will post another picture when I can get a good one of him in my tank!

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We have one of these in our FOWL tank and I loooove him! So much personality and ours isn't aggressive at all. He does take bites out of the rocks, but he doesn't dig under them (although the blue jaw dug himself a cave under the rock). My favorite thing to do with the picasso though is to spear a piece of shrimp or scallop on a long wooden skewer and move it around while he chases and eats it :D


Eric - typically these aren't reef safe

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