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gauging interests on a zoa order


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hey guys im just trying to gauge some interest here on an order im planning on making with vivid aquariums for zoas.


with me putting this frag/grow out tank build together, im hoping to start fragging by the first of the year, and im just trying to gauge some interest on zoas i plan on stocking.


these are the initial frags im picking up from vivid, feel free to check them out, and i will tell you all right now that all my frags are going to vary between 10 and 20 bucks per frag, with anywhere from 3-10 polyps per frag. i dont care if ive paid 40 bucks a polyp for a zoa, i will not charge more than 5 bucks a polyp for any zoa i intend to be growing.


so, without further ado, here's the list:

Joker Palys

Blue Armor Palys

Cherry Bomb Zoas

Cosmic Zoolander Palys

Pink Lemonade Palys

Hulk Zoanthids

Green Button Polyps

Real Blue and Purple Hornets-i know a guy who got them directly from the original owner

Vivid Nightmare Palys-these will probably be on a second order

Rainbow Palys

Mohawk Palys


now, this isnt the complete list, but, i just wanted to give you guys a taste of what i will be growing out


let me know if you see anything in vivids polyp section, their zoas and clove polyps and what not, and ill see if i cant pick them up while im at it.


thanks all


either pm me or post here, makes no nevermind to me, and if this is the wrong forum, i do apologize and will gladly move it.


thanks again



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you got it clay, once i get these an start em growing, you'll be first on the list, and those prices are firm, i refuse to charge what everyone else does for the higher end zoas, i figure it might take me longer to pay for my order, but, everyone deserves a shot at owning these

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thanks man, i just figured it ridiculous the prices on the higher end zoas, and figured what the hay, buy em, grow em out, frag em up, and sell them for prices that the average joe can afford, if i break even, great, if i dont, well, my gf wont be so happy lol but im pretty sure i can at least pay to keep my tanks up and running, and thats all either of us really wants, a way to make the tanks pay for themselves, even if thats all they do lol

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Just curious...have you checked with Totally Exotic Corals? You could also try Davy Jones Locker, Isaac (coralmafia, Westside Aquariums, Rose City Aquariums...all those are nice too. I would definately check out TEC and Isaac.



I could have sworn I just posted this(scratch)

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