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what to do with a 55g


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So here is the deal... I have never been a huge fan of 55g (48x13x20) due to the dimensions. However my brother in law had to clean out his garage and gave one to me. Here are the system specs:


TruVu acrylic tank with blue back:

Drilled in the back for overflow but no overflow just pipe drawing water out, need to fix this with actual overflow.


Oak Stand/Canopy:

From Seahorse, needs a little fixing



Needs cover for inlet area, saltwater creep has affected inside of stand and hinges on one side.



(2) x 175w MH

(2) x 110 VHO


Return Pump:

Blueline 30 External



about 70lbs of large dry formerly live rock



Amircle old school needs to be replaced.


So besides the Skimmer I also need to add some Korallias for flow and should be set. My perdictment is I am not sure what to set the tank up as. I will be eventually setting up my 120g in another room so I will have 2 tanks going. I am opening it up to any suggestions on what to set this tank up as.

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I have my 55 set up as a fish only tank/ qt tank. I put all my new fish in there for a hefty qt period. SInce its fish only I can treat it if needed. I have learned the hard way about not qting fish.


With the lighting you have it could be a good frag tank, FOWLR. You have tons of options. I have been toying with the option of setting mine up as a FOWLR also. I have pretty much all the fish my 180 needs so the qt may not be needed for a while. Good luck and keep us posted.

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