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WTB-rock encrusting corals


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Looking for types of corals that are rock encrusting-not sure what types there are out there. I already have rainbow monti, sunset, and 2 other that I dont know the names of.

Looking for ;


Reverse Sunset




Anybody got anything??????


And no hijacking my thread:D


I asked 1st so get in line(nono)


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Thanks Bob, maybe when I come over to get the frag for the grow out I can see what you have.

I just got back from getting reverse sunset and superman from Tim @ Westside.


I have purple haze, but am unaware of what Kiwi, and Blueberry are.


Do you have any pics you could post? Any pics of what ever you have you would be willing to sell.


Thanks, I appreciate your help!!

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most favias and favites are rock encrusting' date=' so are most species of porites, some chalices, but out of those the montis will be the fastest growing. I would recommend what bob has to offer, also there is pink sanddollar monti[/quote']




I thought chalices created their own skeletal base, or what ever I am tring to say,they will encrust is that right?



I want to see what Blueberry Cheesecake and Kiwi are plus I may want his haze. I grabeed a superman today and also a reverse sunset


I want a new purple haze, mine I got from a store in town whose name does not need to be mentioned is "lavender" haze.


I had only heard of Purple Haze and not seen it before, so when I was in there I was shown Purple Haze and bought it. Compared to what TEC has and 90% of all the other ones I have seen- I got the red headed step child version of Purple Haze.


Im actually going to offer it up for free to someone once I replace it-maybe in their tank it will be better-not confident since its the same as the day I bought it

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You can always let it grow out in my tank next to this juicy sinulara!!!


I'll shoot you a pic, you wont want it (laugh)


Its actually very dull now, it was in a low light area, it reacted poor to the direct lights so I moved it. We will see what happens

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