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Selling my whole system!!!


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I don’t want to sell but we are expecting a second child in Dec.. I also started a new job and do not have any time for it right now.(sad) Joel from Waves built it. It is not starphire glass just regular glass too. It is a great sps with a lot of flow. I feel like someone else who is into sps would really enjoy it. $1000 OBO


- Rimless

- 48X30X18 w/dual overflow (about 112 gal.)

- All 4 sides are ½” thick

- Bottom is ¾” thick

- Closed loop on bottom 4 X 1” out puts and 2 X 1 ½” inputs


- 48” X 30” X 40”

- Can do the tank and stand as a peninsula, conventional, or as an island style.

Ruturn pump

-Mag 18


- Aquac EV180 w/ Mag 9.5 & homde collection cup


- TRUVU Platinum Salt Water Wet/Dry Series Model 300

- Capacity: Up to 300 gal. Dims: 30x16x16

Closed Loop System

- Reeflo Snapper 2500 GPH pump

- Tidal Power ¾” inch wave motion rotation device. Tidal Power Style C

- The flow / rotation pattern for the Style C Tidal Power unit is as follows

(output port #'s listed) ports - (1,2,3) - (2,3,4) - (3,4,1) - (4,1,2) - (1,2,3) -

No livestock or live rock included!!!!!!

Lighting - 4' T5 HO W/ moonlights - I think it is a CA brand if you want the light

All the plumbing is reusable too.



(503)8 one 9 - 22 seseven eight

























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lol' date=' ter is that the tank you had in your living room when i picked up the 36" lighting system? It was a beautiful tank, i would totaly buy it if joel wasn't already making me one.[/quote']


That's the one. How are doing? When are you suppose get your new tank?



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hopefully within the next month, i'm in no rush as i have so much other stuff to buy for it. I'm sorry your having to sell that tank, but that's awesome about baby #2 congratulations. Hopefully things will work out well and you can restart one soon.

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