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An amazing frag tank


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Would be really nice to watch all the series....

I was amazed by colors also. Somebody told me that in nature corals aren't as colored and bright as we see them in out tanks.

But from what I keep seeing from my friends divers and on tv... they are.

Probably depends on how far they are from the surface/sun...




Man, the ocean has some great growth! Did you see how much growth they had in only 6 months?


"part of the BBC's documentary series "South Pacific"


I wonder if its on On Demand...I'll check tonight!

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that is cool saw the same thing when i was in fiji, they had several racks with 2-3" frags, under those they had large squamosa (3-4 feet)clams on the sand. Then they had a rack with corals ready to go back on the reef... the sweetest one was a blue staghorn with red polyps! It was huge about 3' in diameter very cool, was thinking hard how to smuggle a frag of that one home!

I liked how they did the time lapse video that was very cool

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