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The Popeil Dual Clownfish Displayomatic

Ron Popeil

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this system finally came together in august of 2006. its the first part of a future dream system of mine. currently the complete system contains nine individual clownfish consisting of three species. eventually i would love to have a huge wall of similar designed tanks with one of each species of clownfish.


for now, this is the system i get to enjoy. the two cube tanks drain into a common sump below. the sump is connected to a 75 gallon refugium by a mag 5 pump. on the left is the 45 gallon a. chrysopterus/h. crispa cube. on the right is the 60 gallon a. nigripes/h. magnifica cube. the 50 gallon sump below houses an ASM G4 skimmer and a PM calcium reactor. also present is a PCI 300w heater, along with a pH probe and wireless thermometer. two acrylic lids to my previous system function as baffles to limit the large amount of sump bubbles from reaching the main displays. from the sump, a reeflo dart pushes some 3000 to 3200 gph of water into a T which then divides again into dual sea swirls above each tank. in the chrysopterus tank there are two 3/4" sea swirls, and in the nigripes tank two 1" sea swirls. the two tanks run a single corner overflow, silenced by a stockman standpipe. the refugium is illuminated by a 4x96w power compact hood. connected to the refugium with a small 60 gph pump is the 10 gallon frag tank im finishing, and this is circulated by 300 gph powerhead. once i figure out a 175w halide, ill be able to start using the tank for growing frags. over each tank is a pair of lumenarc reflectors housing 400w 20k bulbs. two moonlights illuminate the tanks for the duration of our full moons once a month.

my photo period stays around 10 to 12 hours, with each tank coming on about 6 hours apart. this helps keep heat down, but i still battle temperatures above 84 periodically. because of some poor designing, if the power cuts out, the main tanks backflow a few gallons, but the refugium drains considerably. my sump has a highwater level in order to handle the amount of flow going through it, so i do have a large amount of excess water to displace during an outtage. this has been remedied by a 10 gallon tank connected to an overflow bulkhead from the top of the sump.

my top off water comes directly from my RO unit. i let it run about 12 hours during the night every three days or so. water changes had been very infrequent, but with a recent magnesium depletion, ill be keeping up a 50 gallon water change once a month, instead of once every three months. i dont dose. i feed an incredible amount of food several times a day. i harvest 5 gallons of algae about once a month.


here is a side view of the length of the system



the refugium and soon to be frag tank



my wiring. its amazing. with a healthy dose of danger.


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this is the heteractis magnifica and amphiprion nigripes tank. this tank houses two magnifica anemones, a pair of amphiprion nigripes, a bicolor blenny, a psychadelic mandarin, a pistol and goby pair, and prior to my recent power outtage four dispar anthias.



just a random tenticle shot



well, thats it. thats my system. things that im looking forward to adding in order to complete the system:


- four line wrasse

- six more chromise for the nigripes tank

- three to four more dispar anthias for the nigripes tank

- more pom pom crabs

- several more smaller nigripes clownfish


after that, my system will be complete. and hopefully with some breeding, ill be absolutely content. thanks for letting me share!

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it would go in my refugium, where i have some stray chrysopterus. from what i hear, mertens arent high light requiring anemones, nor even high flow. this is precisely the environment of my refugium....i cant wait to see more pictures of yours!


....if you havent seen phil hendersons (phender oh RC) mertens tank, check it out. its a very simple set up. and from what he says, an extremely resilient anemone

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Before i posted i read every thread on rc with mertensii or mertens in the title lol. So yes, i have seen phil's setup, and read his opinion.

That refugium sounds like it would do great, i love the anemone, Hopefully patrick can get another. i am equally excitied for more pictures.

If i am correct they host a huge number of species of clown fish i believe. Sounds good to me...And its gorgeous!!!

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