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Clownhouse photos from PNWMAS meeting


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Hi All. Although I am a relatively new member to the PNWMAS, I was very excited to hear that an upcoming meeting was to be held at the Clownhouse (barelycuda). Well, today the day arrived and like many others who had the pleasure of seeing Dave's set up, it was inspiring.


The Clownhouse was better than imagined, and for anybody who has ever tried to breed clownfish, or any other fish, for that matter, this facility absolutely rocks! Dave was also very patient in answering the endless stream of questions, sharing his opinions of system set-ups, and generally being a really great guy.


I learned an immense amount today which I hope to apply in my own efforts to raise gold stripe maroons. I can only hope to have a small percentage of Dave's success.


Here are some pictures I took to help me document some of the things I saw and a number of which I will try to emulate.














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Wow...Dave looks so young in those pictures....I thought he would be older(scratch)....


Dang, I truly am bummed I missed that. I have been interested in seeing that set up and talking with "the clown whisperer" for quite some time now.


Yes, I expected him to be older too. "He may have been born yesterday...but he must have stayed awake all night." Truly though, if you are at all interested in clownfish, breeding, husbandry (don't know why it not wifery (scratch)), you will want to know Dave!

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Thanks to everyone that came out. It is kind of fun to share something that you enjoy with others (the wife likes it cause the tanks get a little extra scrubbing :) ) We'll probably be hosting the 4th annual clownhouse tour next October.....




No Dave!

Now read my lips!

Host in a different month, I am never around in October!

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