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Yet another hitchhiker - ID please

Dego Red

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If you saw the last thread to ID my GSP's, you'd know I got quite a few hitchhikers. Well, I picked up yet another when I bought a small digi colony. It appears to be a common sand sifter, but I've never seen one as a juvenile. Whatcha think?






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Most of the ones I have seen are more like dime size or smaller. But I have seen them with as few legs as 3, and as many as 7. It all depends on where it is in the reproduction cycle. They usually reproduce by dropping off one or two legs and they grow into new individuals.


It seems that it is mostly the red or green ones that eat corals. The ones that are white or grey seem to be mostly harmless and eat mostly coraline.


My luck has it that I have the red and green kind. I have seen them in my zoas and on some SPS having a little snack... I am on a mission to remove them every time I see one.



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Well considering there are over 2000 described species, and some scientists think there are 2X-3X more species of undescribed "starfish". How many do we see on a regular basis in our tanks? 10-20 species. It wouldn't suprise me if it was something uncommon.

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