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Squid Dissection Tuesday

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I will be dissecting squid Tuesday with the kids. Does anyone have some good recipes for calamari. Lots of butter and a little spice I assume?????


Are there any tips about this dissection either. They are going to work in pairs. I have a few online labs I am cobbling together. Also, I have access to some good footage of cutttle fish and squid in the ocean.

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I have done squid for a long time. I am sorry I did not see this post earlier. Use tempura batter and hot oil for the cooking. Do not cook for very long or it tastes like a fishy rubber band. I have some stuff on dissection if I would have known earlier. Next time, email me!!!!!! We science peeps need to stick together. I did squid about a month ago and it is a real hit (although smelly) Always good science.


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Don't use the beak use the cartilage spine (called the pen) runs along the back of the squid. If you push on the mantle it will pop out about 2 cm. and then you can grab it and it slides right out. It is pretty fun to then open the ink sack and use the pen like an old fashioned quill and write your name with it. Don't forget to talk about the skin having chromatophores that give it the ability to change colors. They can also take out the lense in the eye. Gross but cool. Have them remove the beak and compare it to a birds (almost like a parrot)

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