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75g AGA w/stand, MH lights etc


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hi, im new to this site, and a friend from RC who lives in oregon told me about this site. Anyways im selling my 75g tank. it comes with stand, glass top, Aqua C Remora HOB skimmer w/ maxijet 1200 pump, 48" Coralife MH lights 150 X2, eshopps overflow (800gph) and possibly the return pump, which is a quiet one 4000. Regular not the high head. im asking 400 for the whole setup. thanks and looking foward to meeting some fellow reefers. (rock2)


Im in the dalles,OR. any questions give me a call @541-300-0548 thanks. pics will be up soon.

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Welcome. If you can make it into Portland this weekend we have a meeting, and will have a guest speaker coming in and speak to us.


Otherwise, we have meetings once a month, usually on the third sunday of the month. Usually the meetings are in the portland/salem area, but if there were more people out your way that would give us a reason to have a meeting over there. ROAD TRIP!!!



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pms replyed to. Also i will try to post a pic tonight, been super busy with finals coming up. i will make a new thread for all the corals and live rock i will be selling that are in my 28g tank. once there gone the 24" sunpod HQI light will also be for sale.

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