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Test Kit Question


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I have a Seachem Iodine & Iodide test kit.When I've ran 6 tests & they have all been zero(3 with aquarium water 3 with the reference fluid)the directions say "Reference value is 0.06 mg/l" seeing as how the reference tests are coming up zero makes me wonder if I have an expired test kit? The only numbers I can find are the SKU#00116 09780 then it says Mulit Test Iodine & Iodide 28290

Anybody know where to find an expiration date? is there one? Thanks,Mike

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Now Seachem has some good old fashioned customer service.I sent them an e mail asking if the test kit could be expired(thanks for the tip Woody!) on Sat. & today(mon) I got this response.


"We will be happy to help. Though there is not an

expiration date, occasionally you can experience something

such as evaporation of only one of the chemicals in

solution, allowing for skewed test results. I will be

glad to replace the reagents, please provide with the lot

number for each individual reagent (listed on the label)

and your address. Thanks again and have a great day!"


I didn't have to yell,scream,threaten to buy the competitors products or anything! They took all the fun out of it(laugh)

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