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Tenecor and a sump? I think I want a sump!!


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I want a sump, I think? I have a 100 gallon Tenecor!! I think I want to have a sump underneath in combination with what is all ready there!! What do you guys think? Or I need a whole new tank!? Well? Everything is doing good but my acrylic is a little scratched and I don't know I really want to have everything healthy and clear (sightwise!) Anyway off the subject! I was thinking I should do a sump? But I don't know? What do you guys think? (nutty)



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I would definitely recommend it. There are numerous benefits including the ability to add a (or a better) skimmer, refugium, additional live rock, reactors, etc., etc. plus the added stability of the additional water volume which will help with temp and pH swings (especially if you add a alternate light cycle refugium). Obviously, you don't have to incorporate all that at once but it certainly expands your options!

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