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Uh oh! Trouble down south at the University of Zeros


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How did I miss this. Yah looks like CK told Roper he won't be starting but will be backing up Masoli. Roper didn't like that so he left. Can't blame him, but he just isn't the right fit for this offense. But we knew what we had with him and he knew the offense.


Chris Harper hooked up with the street handler Brian Butler and left too. I'm more upset about that he had a real future here. CK would showcase his abilities. But he wants to play QB even though he can't throw so what you gonna do.


All in all 3 guys have left, one went on a mission, and one quit football all together since CK took over. UT has lost 11 since Lame Kiffen was hired.

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Harper would have been nice to see as a WR with an off season's worth of practice. There was also the 'threat' of him throwing which would have been fun.

The 2 that hurt are:

1-Roper, ('cuz he was a backup that knew the system and hand game time under his belt).

2-Pflugrad, (hated to see an older WR leave as I think that is the weakest area on the team).

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I think Pflugrad leaving was just a matter of time. And i really wonder how much playing time he would get once Tyrece Gaines and Diante Jackson get here. One of those 2 is definately going to start even if Pflu didn't leave.

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BTW, by claiming UO is University of Zeros whats that make OSU? Zero State University thats what (psst they both have Oregon in their names)


You beavs need to get a little more creative, something that doesn't also apply to your own school.


But I guess we can't expect much




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