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Might have zoa pox


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So I was getting ready to pull frags for my trade with Puntific today and notice some white bumps on my zoa'sDOH!. Not all of them have them but quite a few frags do. I had an experience with this before and bought both Tropic Marin Pro Coral Cure and Furan2. I had good luck with the TMPCC but didn't start that treatment until after the Furan2 which did nothing. By the time I started the TMPCC I had lost almost half my zoa's.


What can I do? Should I just start the TMPCC treatment? Is there anything Puntific can do to protect his tank if we do trade, or should I postpone trade until problem is resolved? One of the frags we are to trade seems unaffected but the other isn't doing so well.

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Contact Puntific right away and postpone the trade. He should understand.


Treat the corals, then make sure that they are as healthy as they can be before a trade.


good luck. I hope you don't have any losses for such a good collection.



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I already called and left message for Puntific. Problem is we have be set to trade for quite some time, I imagine this will cause a little frusteration. I had to postpone trade already due to getting sick. Would it be safe to trade the V days? They dont seem to have anything on them.


Thank you for the quick responce there D, you and I both are hoping for to few to no losses.

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Are they palythoas? According to the things I read on zoaid the palys don't seem to have the problems with zoapox like the zoanthids do.


Maybe give them a dip in the furan-2 along with the affected zoas.


You may want to try some sort of iodine dip as well. I hear that Lugol's iodine is what you should use.



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Furan2 is the only thing that will stop zoapox. You might have luck with very high flow over infected colonies, but you will still lose a majority of them.


I've had zoapox on PE-type zoas and the typical common type zoas. Never had a problem with palys or protopalys.


The first sign of zoapox i get a ziplock with a couple cups of RO water and float it in my sump to bring to temp. Then i put 1 packet of furan2 in the ziplock and mix it up. All infected zoas go in and i float it again in my sump to keep the temp up. Furan2 works better at higher temps. I dip them for 10-15min, rinse and back into the tank. I do this 3 days in a row, then give them a week of rest. Usually after the week of rest the zoapox are completely gone. If i still see a couple spots i use freshly mixed up saltwater instead of RO and do the procedure again.


Good luck and get them dipped quickly. Zoapox spreads quick and kills quick. The best thing puntific can do is dip them and QT when he gets them. His tank won't necessarily get infected. I've had 2 frags right next to each other and one had pox the other did not and never did get infected.

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