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zoas wont open


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Have a bunch of zoa's that wont open up any more all my water tested fine ray said at reef tech even thoug he didnt test for evreything.I had a test kit but it was bad havent got a new one yet so i use the LFS but there not to helpful.It takes a half hour to get help and it seems like your troubeling him so her i am thanks for any help.

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Do you have any fish that would pick at them?


I have a pigmy angel that picks at my SPS and they keep closed polyps most of the time. So does my neon green leather.


Try a freshwater dip, or an iodine dip. If there is a pest in there, that should help.


BTW. It sometimes takes more than 6 hours for people to check all the threads. Patience is a virture. :)



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