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Please help out Aim High Martial Arts


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My wife, son & I are students of Aim High Martial Arts Academy. The school is located in Beaverton and teaches Tae-kwon-Do, Muay-Tae Kickboxing, Sport Marital Arts & Brazillian Jui-Jutsu. Students range from adults all the way down to 3 year olds. This is an excellent school that just earned their 501©3 non-profit status, and is really geared towards the family and the arts.


We are holding our first (annual) "Kick-a-thon" fundraiser on June 6th for new gear and equipment. The kick-a-thon will last one hour. I am pledging 1,000 kicks during that time, which averages out to a kick about every 2.5 seconds. I am looking to my friends at PNWMAS for support, in hopes to help reach our goal.


Sponsor pledges can be a donation per kick (i.e. 25 cents per kick) or a lump sum (i.e. $60). If anyone can please help, it would be most appreciated. I personally am pledging one of the highest kick amounts in the school (because I know I can do it). Due to my high amount of kicks, I'll accept any donation. Even a penny per kick is welcome (1 cent per kick still comes out to $10).


If you would like to sponsor me, please post in this thread with the amount you wish to sponsor me for and send me a PM with your contact info.


Thanks to everybody on PNWMAS...




(Aim Highs Website) => http://www.aimhighma.org

(Pledge Sheet Is Attached to thread)


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