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OIAB - Impressive!

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I finally made it to Ocean in a Box yesterday and just gotta say WOW! If you are at all into scollys, acans, favia, lobos, hammers, torches, elegance, etc., etc. you have to go check out Perry's shop! The shop itself is really nicely set up with huge holding tanks with large viewing boxes so you can get a great, up-close look at everything. There are colors of things in there I have never seen before in a shop so, by all means, check this place out if you haven't already.


Perry was also very helpful and was more than generous with the Japanese deep water zoa pack from the raffle.


Thank you Perry - I can't wait to stop back in!



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What did you pick up homey?


Well... I picked out some of the deep water zoas for the April raffle (woot!) and also brought home a small yellow torch. All the other stuff I wanted would't fit in the tank! There was a beautiiful blue tipped elegance and a really nice orange hammer I was lusting over (drooler)

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Dont worry....mine wont melt.


They certainly looked pretty darn happy at the store! They are opening up now following the indignation of fragging, transport and glueing so we shall see! I will chalk up any mishaps to my poor stewardship but I am hopeful :D I would hate to see them suffer from my mishandling. They are attached to some rubble in their own little container so I can easily move/remove them if necessary... I didn't trust leaving them to their own devices in the 120!


Thanks again Perry!

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