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125g TruVu Setup


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I have recently taken down my 125 gallon TruVu system that was setup as a reef tank since July '08. The tank is 6' long, which is great for fish that need lots of swimming room. The stand and hood are cherry and are in good condition overall. The sump is built into the stand and it's about 20g. Also included is a return pump and lighting system. The lighting consists of 4x54w T5HO and 2x110w VHO running on a PFO ballast and a workhorse ballast. The lighing could be modified to include a couple metal halides pretty easily. The system does not include a refugium, but one could be added with some plumbing modifications (which I could do if you wanted). This system is ideal for someone who wants to setup a large reef tank because of the lighting, but could still suit a fish only system perfectly well.


I will be leaving town for almost 2 months, starting Tuesday morning, so either the tank must be sold by then or it will have to sit in my basement until I get back.


Feel free to call or email me with questions.







For some reason, I can't get my photos to show up properly. I have them here, though:



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I think it is 6'x18"x20" if I'm not mistaken. The acrylic is in fair/good condition with a normal amount of scratches for a decently used tank. Nothing major. I moved recently and that picture is from after I took it down at my old house. It is in the garage in storage currently. In the picture, there is a little bit of coralline on the top and some type of smears on the outside. Those are not scratches, it was just a little dirty.

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I know someone who is interested in your tank. The guys at Westside Aquarium has a client looking for that exact tank. I mentioned to him about your tank but I didn't know if it was still for sale. You should give him a call really nice guy. Ask for Tim and tell him you have a 125 for sale 503-473-4911.

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I just pm'd you. I just was looking on the business card he gave me. I just got this off craigs list he posted today. I have his personal email but it is at home. I will send it to you when I get home.





503 372 6717



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I would like to sell it as a complete setup. I think I'm going to buff it to perfection this weekend. I've never buffed a tank with a drill attachment before, though. Anyone have advice on that? I don't have the buffer yet, just some novus 1,2,3. Mainly, I'm not sure where to get the buffing wheel and which type to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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