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Evites for June 2009 Meeting w/Scott Fellman sent!


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The Evites for the June 2009 Meeting with Guest Speaker Scott Fellman have been sent. This will be an awesome Event! Raffle items are just now starting to arrive! There will also be a Frag Auction!:D


If you have not received an Evite, and would like to be added to the PNWMAS Evite list, send me a PM with your e-mail address, and you will receive notifications of PNWMAS Meetings and Events!


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Almost Time For The Big Event!


Come on people! Only 23 of the 228 Evites have had a response.(scratch) Is everyone getting them in their e-mail? If not, send me a PM with your e-mail address, and you will be added to the PNWMAS Evite list! It is possible some of your e-mail addys have changed. If so, please send me an update so we can keep you informed! Thanks!


Everyone is welcome to attend, whether they receive Evites or not, but responding to them makes planning a lot easier for us!


This is one of the Big PNWMAS Events of the year, beside our Aquarium Tours, BBQs, and Christmas Party! In addition to the two presentations by Scott Fellman, "Aquascaping For The Aesthetically Challenged", and "Marine Biotope Aquariums: Taking Inspirations From Nature", there will be a Frag Auction and Raffle of some great prizes!(rock2)


Keep updated on the prizes as donations are added!:D


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