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Corals Id ?


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Can anyone tell me what these corals are? I think I have the first one figured out but I want to see what some with more experience have to say. The second 2 pics are of the same piece(s) with 2 angles under different lighting. I think it is a hard coral that is attached to the horn shaped plug. Both corals flouresce under 420 actinics. Thanks in advance for any help determining what these are.








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Thanks for the welcome. I figured the first one is a Favia but with all of the searching I've done the second one has me stumped. At first I thought maybe it was a mushroom however it appears to extend many short tenticles giving it a furry appearance. If it helps each side is about 1 1/2 inches and it appears to be round (3/16 thick or so) folded over the arm. Currently I have it mid point in the tank. (2 x 175 MH and 2 x 96 Actinic)

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by furry do you mean like this type of furry?




Just an example of a hydrophoria to compare it to to rule that out.

The color looks close but the tentacles (If that's what they are) are much smaller. Basically it has a texture more like 40 grit sandpaper. (That might be a better description than furry is) Does the hydrophoria have a lip around the edges? One of the things I see in common with the chalice is the lip around the edge that looks very similar. The one thing that I don't see at this point is a defined eye in it although there may be one that I just haven't noticed. Or perhaps the eye will become more defined as it grows? Being relatively new to this I can only guess.

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