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Who are you?!?


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I have met a lot of very nice people on this site, but I have no idea who you are other than your forum name. SO I thought it would be cool to be able to put a face with a name that way when I do run across you in town. at a meeting or at an LFS I can say hi without wondering "Who are you?"


So here is my ugly mug......feel free to print and throw darts, scare small children or use for a halloween mask!:D





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need any corals???


(laugh)(clap)(laugh) I always need corals. I still have the plate coral and monty cap I got from you before. My plate coral is one of my favorites.


I will have to come and see the new tank. You had two of the nicest nano's I had ever seen. Cramped but very nice.


I like to give the faces names.


I have NO DOUBT that you do Blaine. :)

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