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Free 20gal

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Free 20g tank. Leaks, but no broken glass, you need to find the leak are reseal it. Or use as sump because leak is toward the top, I think...


Also: 2x Sunlight Supply male plugs with 6" cord for wire splicing. $5 each.


46 bowfront: wood trim, great condition $50


150w Stainless Steel Pendant, DE style, ballast, reflector, cords. In almost new condition. This is the stainless steel ball shaped fixture. no bulb. $100

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i dont think he decided on an actual time yet. dont know for sure though. didn't know it was my day to watch him....lol....(laugh) but if you are meeting up with him already he most likely will have no problem meeting with you.



just so everyone knows. the fixture is a current-usa. it is an HQI ballast, so will give you some pretty good output. model #1053.

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Guest Snorkelwasp

yeah im interested in that pendant...one other question...i will be using it on my 20L frag tank....whats the diameter of the globe? just wanting to make sure it will fit good on top....its goin to be half frag tank half fuge

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Dennis' date=' sorry the tank thing fell through. I was in oakridge with family yesterday morning and shawn couldn't get a hold of me. If you still want the tank, I can leave it with someone and you can get it later, if they are willing to do that.[/quote']


I would be happy to give it a home. But if you find someone closer then I can live without it.


Is anyone from down there coming up to the meeting next week? I'm not sure, but I think Miles is.



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