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torch coral FS


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I have a torch coral with three heads that came off of a larger piece of mine. One of the heads looks like it is splitting again. Colar is brown/red with yellow tips and bright green center. Seems to be very healthy as it has made two new heads in about two months. LMK

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FS is one of my faves so far. I have a green and purple hammer that I like and its getting several heads. I will probably frag once they fully separate since its plenty big for my tank at about 7 heads. I only need maybe 2 or 3. same thing with my torch.

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I think I will be trading with DSoz on some corals. I was thinking $10 per head but I think I am trading all that I want to get rid of at the moment. If you are interested in them I might be able to have another head in a few months. or talk to dsoz after we trade

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