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what's happening in school

Mr S

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Well here is an update on what my tanks are being used for. Just recently my 6th graders had to make their own version of a Cnidarian (coral or anemone) and then describe its habitat and the zone it lives in. They were quite impressive. We have been study all the invertebrate phylums. We are presently studying Mollusks. Did observations and discussions on the snails in the salt water tanks. Great way to view them through the tank so kids could study radula and the way they move. Tomorrow is fresh water snail races! Wednesday we dissect squids. Always a fun one and the left overs get ground up in the blender for future fish food. Friday is Echinoderms. We have lots of sea stars and urchins to look at. Just an update in the classroom.

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Nice Rog!


Just don't over cook it!

When u think its not done yet...its done!


I just had some of the best calamari in my life down in Charleston(coos bay) at a place called Fisherman Grotto...


Ya its a more vivid memory than some from school for me also.....

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