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Oregon Ducks spring game


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I hit up the spring game it was a good time. Nice to see some football in May. They had a beer garden, a band, and a bunch of food booths handing out free samples - mini burgers, crisp meat burritos, rice beans chicken, ice cream etc. Game was great, but you could definately see we were missing a few pieces on the line. And about half way thru the 1st quarter it rained harder than i've ever seen it. Waterfalls were coming off the seats and steps. Even Don Essig announed it was the worst rain he's seen at Autzen ever - thats 43 years.


12,400 people attended, nice turnout


Anyway i snapped some pics













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I thought Pflugrad and the linebackers all looked awesome. Garret Embry did great as well. Holland looked good too, dang he's fast.


I think the defense is ahead of the offense so far. Thats expected with 2 starters from the Oline injured. Thats why the run game never got anything going. It was nice to see Masoli connect on some deep passes. If he can keep getting better on deep and intermediate passes watch out he'll be just incredible this year.

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Thanks for the pics Miles... looks like it was a lot of fun. Should be a really interesting year with the staffing changes and turnover at some key positions. Looks like plenty of potential talent though...


BTW - was that your ride in the pictures? A little much don't you think :D

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