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  1. I could trade or sell them depending on how many you want. Im at 72nd foster in east Portland If that helps
  2. Would anyone here be interested in micro brittle stars, baby turban snails, or baby stomatella snails? im starting to get quite a bit of them and figured i would ask here.
  3. Oh shoot that's right. No i brought the light over to the 50. Looks like i forgot to mention the stand as well it still has the stand.
  4. Was thinking roughly $200 was working perfectly before i swapped everything to a 50. Will also trade for some acro frags or zoas. Pics were taken 1 week before take down. I have not cleaned it out after though. Comes with a titanium heater as well if you want it.
  5. I have these 2 bubbletips second picture is size reference in a 20 gallon. Ill say same price 25 but I'm at eastern pdx.
  6. Looking for some bigger frags or mini colonys of some nice millis, acros or just some pretty stuff ive never seen before. Hoping to drive to u in the portland area and i have some MTG cards, 40k stuff, or just cash. Lmk!
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