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  1. C Lee

    Who bit my fish

    Woke up this morning to find a chunk of my doddyback tail missing!!! Trying to figure out the most likely cause or attacker. I have following in my tank. All have been living together for over a month. 2xlightning maroon clowns 1x6line wra 2xbanded coral shrimp tiny 1xskunk cleaner 1xengeneer goby 1xlobster 3xemerald crab 1xbta snails hermits
  2. C Lee

    Coral banded shrimp breeding

    Hello, Today I noticed one of my yellow banded coral shrimp had an egg sack in her tail area. Does this mean that the two shrimp are a mated pair? Or do they carry eggs even if not fertilized? I couldn't find much about them online in regards to breeding. Other than it's not likely, is there anything I can do to help some survive?
  3. C Lee

    yeah for my clown fish :)

    That's super cool. I think I got lucky just got a bta last week and two days later my clown is hosting it. I kind of regret getting the bta with how new my tank is hope it works out. How big is your clown and what type is it? Does your anemone move around a lot?
  4. C Lee

    Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Hello, my name is Chris I am new to the forum and saltwater in general. Is this event for only select members or open to all? If open to anyone are kids allowed? Someone mentioned a gift exchange making me think it's a small personal event. Also some one mentioned a frag swap if I don't have frags to swap would I be able to just buy some?
  5. Thanks next time i am headed to Portland I will check kelso out.
  6. Hello, New to saltwater tanks. Picked up a Biocube 32g a few months ago. Looking for people in or near Lacey, WA to buy, trade and just talk to. If your in or near the area hit me up. V/r, Chris