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  1. Nitrates!

    I don't know if 'good' would be the word I would use but as far as nitrate tests go it's one I use routinely. The Salifert is the back up one for me. I don't much like them compared to my Red Sea Alk/Cal/Mg stuff but they're definitely effective.
  2. Nitrates!

    Agreed on all but their nitrate test. I use theirs and salifert at the same time.
  3. Shoutout to Gulf Coast Ecosystems

    Got that red finger sponge too. Will do, they're shedding after transport. Picked up the purple brush and purple ribbon.
  4. Shoutout to Gulf Coast Ecosystems

    Nice! What do you use those grasses for?
  5. Shoutout to Gulf Coast Ecosystems

    Just received an order this week. They only offer one speed and will replace DOA. Everything arrived just fine. They included a heat pack without having to be told so there's that.
  6. Shoutout to Gulf Coast Ecosystems

    @Brian Tesch deserves credit for this one as he's the one who tipped me off but I think this vendor deserves to be shown off in the club. You can custom order just about any macro from them. They offer different types of coralline algae and snails. Most importantly to me, they offer half a dozen beautiful gorgonian specimens. The icing on the cake is they also sell different types of sponges like ear/finger/ball. Items come in and out of stock almost daily. If it's not in stock, it will be shortly from what I've observed in the last couple weeks. That's all well and good but here's the real reason I'm so excited to share it: they're dirt cheap, ship super fast and sell gigantic specimens. I love my sps but sea fans and sponges fascinate me but they're not the easiest things to source. Anyways, hope this doesn't violate any rules but I'm not affiliated in any way, just wanted to make some people aware that they are a legit option for these things. Enjoy! https://www.live-plants.com/index.htm edit: Forgot one thing, they actually ship gorgonians in drilled frag plugs which is really handy. These things slough flesh off so keeping them glued or attached to anything can be a nightmare if they're not prepared this way. Thoughtful!
  7. Zoa expunging

    Getting enough light to produce an abundance of zoo's which get spit out. Clams also do this frequently.
  8. Zoa expunging

    More or less. They are expelling excess zoo's. A good thing I think.
  9. Which screen to use

    Bulk reef supply sells transparent screen in 1/4" & 1/8".
  10. March meeting at Holly's!

    Thanks for hosting! See ya there!
  11. Frogs...

    Well, ya learn something every day. Pretty little things too.
  12. Frogs...

    That's so awesome! Are there any dangers to owning those?
  13. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    Looking good man!
  14. Clear pvc cement

    A tried and true method.
  15. Clear pvc cement

    i'm ashamed to say I didn't realize this was an option either. Thanks for the tip Bill! Your new plumbing looks really clean. How long till you decide to get the fancy colored pvc from BRS?