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  1. This is seriously one of the toughest pieces of SPS. I picked up a frag of this years ago and it's still growing away. Wild how blue it got under the halides Bill!
  2. I used to pinch off heads of these for trade before I realized they're one of the main culprits of palytoxin. I still have a decent size colony lurking in my tank but I don't frag them any more. They're pretty... juicy. Also if you feed the heads the colony will grow to pest proportions pretty quickly. I suggest getting it to the size you want and then quit feeding it. I don't know if you've seen Sanjay's skimmerless system he's ran for 20-something years but he has a Grandis colony in there with heads a full 3-4 inches across EACH. Gnarly coral!
  3. 40/40/20 sps/lps/softies for me. The challenge of the mixed reef has always been appealing to me but I can't do without all the easy color and flow. It makes it a little more difficult to dial lights in and my nitrates are always 5-10 ppm but I seem to be finding the happy mixed medium again! It's been a while. My 75g was beautiful but I've had some issues getting this 140g established due to poor lights. That's in the past now and things are growing away! For a stickhead, I also keep a lot of Gorgonians and (non-splitting) nems.
  4. I once put a pair of Jester Gobies in my 75g which were eaten in seconds by the Jawfish. I guess I can't blame him as much now! Super interesting read.
  5. It's annoying having to scrape it off the glass but I see it as more a sign of success. In my experience if corraline is growing than so is the coral.
  6. Get your lights and water conditions correct and it turns in to a plague.
  7. Welcome! There's plenty of sps fanatics here including myself who are more than happy to talk shop.
  8. They make simple UV filters for this purpose too!
  9. I tried to buy one yesterday but the remaining ones couldn't be found. What a beautiful specimen! No worries on my end though, got a Mystery and White-Tail Bristletooth!
  10. I had a pink colony spawn 10-15 little tiny colonies just like that. It was definitely a head-scratcher until they got a little bigger and it became obvious.
  11. I agree it looks like a galaxea but my first thought was maybe pocillopora. I've seen them spread in that manner. Do you have a green one?
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