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  1. youcallmenny

    Shrimp molting

    I was amazed to learn they did that so cleanly as well. Our skunk cleaners have long since been replaced with fire shrimp which do the same thing but it's even more alarming. I always leave the molts in the tank and it gets eaten pretty quickly by coral/inverts/fish. That's a very complete molt!
  2. youcallmenny

    Some pics

    Looking really good! Time to upgrade yet? 😋
  3. youcallmenny

    Zoa packs up for grabs. $100 each

    Very generous offer Cody!
  4. youcallmenny

    Pistol shrimp burying coral frag

    Oooooh, yea! Those silly shrimp will actually drag small rocks and even plugs to shore up their tunnels. Never had it happen with coral still attached! 😂
  5. youcallmenny

    Trade in Albany

    @Huntero1975 club rules require clear pricing in sale threads. We discourage doing otherwise because it isn't a very transparent method of doing business and it can lead to people feeling like they got 'sharked'. There's certainly nothing wrong with negotiating but it needs to start at the same place for everyone. While I'm sure that's not your intention at all, please understand that the rule is there for everyone's good. Good luck with sale, I hope you'll share your new system with us!
  6. youcallmenny

    Pistol shrimp burying coral frag

    They're essentially blind, thus the literal 'watchman' name on the goby. I don't sweat it because they'll eventually have a network of solid tunnels you can work around. Just move the coral for them for now, it gets better. Well, until your tiger hits full size and turns into a shrimp sized excavator!
  7. youcallmenny

    New to reefing -- Recently set up a Reefer XL 425

    Right on. Very clean work on the sump and mixing station. Your aquascape is really neat too. Glad to have you aboard!
  8. youcallmenny

    New to reefing -- Recently set up a Reefer XL 425

    Very nice. Why is your top-off reservoir purple?
  9. youcallmenny

    Belize 2018!

    Very exciting! An enviable trip for any reefer for sure. How is Belize doing? Did you see any damaged reef? Those lobsters should make it in to the PoTM finalists pretty easy. 😋
  10. youcallmenny

    Happy 4th of July!

    ... to my great chagrin.
  11. youcallmenny

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy Independence Day! Go blow some stuff up! I shoulda went to Washington, I'm mortar-less.
  12. youcallmenny

    He's in!!! Yeah.. successful introduction of the sohal.

    Livin' on the edge! Very nice.
  13. youcallmenny

    Snail Egg Lay'n

    Nice catch! Mine always do it when I'm not looking.
  14. youcallmenny

    Who's all going to the Hatfield Marine Science Center? 

    We will bring forks! Let me know if there's anything else and we'll grab it on the way out of town.
  15. youcallmenny

    Who's all going to the Hatfield Marine Science Center? 

    Well we will be there after all. Anything we can bring?