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  1. Right on! I just finished my new water making/changing station here last month and I agree that it's a daunting challenge. I really enjoy your gravity fed RO/DI reservoir.
  2. Agreed on the natural look and the leather. That'd be an incredible sps colony though!
  3. I'm really enjoying this build. Those Orphek's are awesome and I'm excited to see what they do!
  4. I'm full up on Bartletts but I also went through this. The male that lost is probably being corralled there by the dominant one. They'll do that until the loser throws in the towel and turns back to a female. That's what mine did anyways. GLWS.
  5. Super generous of you Sid! Bummer about the ding but if anyone knows how to fix that sort of thing it'd be you I imagine.
  6. I stocked up on cups and plates and silverware and such. I had oral surgery this week so I'll be there a few minutes early to drop off and say hello but probably cant stay the whole time.
  7. This is what Justin Casp of Avast had to say: "Hi, It is very water resistant, but I don’t recommend submerging it for long periods. Spraying it down with a hose or running it under the faucet is fine." Good to know! This thing is turning out better than I initially thought. Thanks for the help everybody!
  8. Thanks Jeremy! That's precisely what I was hoping to hear. I think at that rate there's no real reason to stress any method of cleaning. I'm excited to give my first one a try!
  9. Well I've got an extension cord in place so that the actual cord of the motor is just wrapped around it and sitting there for easy removal. It's not so much the main power line I'm concerned about since mine isn't like that as I am with getting the motor assembly wet. I emailed Avast about it. I'll post the answer here when I receive it. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. It does exactly what it says and my skimmer is operating nicely already because of it.
  10. I have always just washed my cup and lid out in the utility sink and the motor doesn't look like it would like that. I would like to continue doing that over wiping it off with paper towels to be honest.
  11. It is but so are the Red Sea hinges holding my doors on the stand and those are rusted over without being under water.
  12. Well, I just finished up putting my new Swabbie in the skimmer and have a burning question for the enterprising folks who have been using them. Their site says to clean the lid and cup every two weeks at most. That's great but the motor doesn't look very water proof and having to unscrew it every time doesn't sound fun. Tips? Suggestions? How do you clean yours? Also, what's up with the metal bolt/nut that holds the wiper on? That seems like it would rust very quickly.
  13. In addition to this what is the coverage on the two different models?
  14. I missed all of the iTrader thing too but would happily see it instituted if there was enough of a problem with fish flakes going on inside the club. I agree that all we have is our word so...
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