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  1. youcallmenny

    Don’t call it a come back....

    Wondered where you got off to after all that effort! Looking good despite the setbacks, glad to see things on the upswing.
  2. youcallmenny

    I’d? Good bad?

    They look like scrunched up bristle worms. If that's the case then I personally consider them good.
  3. I've had firefish do that but it usually turned out they were being picked on.
  4. youcallmenny

    any fishermen here

    I agree that bait casters work better on bigger fish. 🙉
  5. youcallmenny

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    Pink Lemonade?
  6. youcallmenny

    Live rock and coral sale, entry level

    Are those walking dendro's?
  7. youcallmenny

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    That center overflow system is crazy!
  8. youcallmenny

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    Those are really nice. Take care with placement, they spread quick!
  9. youcallmenny

    Hairy creature ID?

    Pineapple sponge. They are your friend and frankly adorbs. They live in the dark usually so I always find them in overflows and dark corners of my sump. edit: beaten.
  10. youcallmenny

    Deep sand bed experience?

    Jawfish don't really ever move so i can't imagine they cause problems that way. Wrasses don't dig for food so your worms have plenty of safe space to thrive. Your trim idea sounds great. No, there's no reason to see it.
  11. youcallmenny

    Deep sand bed experience?

    Good question. I've been through a host of interesting critters. Don't get sand stars, they eat sessile life which is what is breaking down the waste. Brittle stars have been great for me. Tiger conchs are my favorite. Fun to watch and very useful. The most important thing is nassarius snails. Lots of 'em. Between them and the conchs, that seems like enough. I still use other snails for the glass/rocks. The usual, trochus, turbo, nerite and just a couple small hermit crabs. Bristle worms, spaghetti worms and the like are great in there too. Some people hate them but I think they are just a part of the CUC. Despite finding some giant ones, they've never caused any problems. That said the majority of my fish are wrasses and they love to eat them so it helps keep them fat and happy. Consistency/grain size turned out to be really important too. I prefer oolite with maybe a little tiny bit of courser mixed in. I've got a ton of flow and it blows around at first but settles down pretty quickly. Also get a long-handled sand rake and treat it like a zen garden. One huge con too is keeping the glass clean. It's too easy to scratch up the glass, even with a quality scraper. If you can accept that it's probably going to be kind of gross looking on the glass under the sand, you're good to go. That turns people off though and I understand that.
  12. youcallmenny

    Deep sand bed experience?

    I really need to replace my jawfish, come to think of it... 😣
  13. youcallmenny

    any fishermen here

    Apologies for being supremely unhelpful.
  14. youcallmenny

    any fishermen here

    I've got a 9' salmon rig hooked up but I'm in Salem.
  15. youcallmenny

    Deep sand bed experience?

    I've run a 4"+ DSB right from the start. Frankly I wonder how people don't. The myths about waste are just that, a myth. A DSB processes waste, why would it be harboring the bad? As Mark @cjmdh can painfully attest, even moving the bed in totes with the livestock didn't kill anything. To be clear, we took everything out of the old 75g and put it in totes, moved the tank over to our new house and dumped everything back in. Plus how could you go without a jawfish or a pistol/goby pair? I usually don't take a super strong stance on husbandry methods but I seriously love my sand bed and you should too!