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  1. Salty Pickle

    Salty Pickle

    copy that
  2. Salty Pickle

    Happy Thanksgiving PNWMAS

    I just wanted to take the time to wish the community a happy thanksgiving, may you and your family find peace and joy. May your tanks be free of excess phosphates, nitrates, low alkalinity/calcium and unwanted pests.
  3. Salty Pickle

    WTB Tyree Rainbow Stylophora

    Frag secured, thank you everybody for your input and help.
  4. Salty Pickle

    WTB Tyree Rainbow Stylophora

    I am looking for a frag/colony of Tyree rainbow Stylophora.The polyps are baby blue, while its main body has pigmentation that ranges from violet to pink to red to yellow to green. Shoot me a pic and a price. Thank you for you time.
  5. Salty Pickle

    Double carpet surfers

    I bought a top for my Red Sea 525x and couldn't be happier: http://artfullyacrylic.3dcartstores.com
  6. Super awesome, Thank you!
  7. Salty Pickle

    Vertex cerebra beta participants

    Figured out why i was having such a hard time, my power bar is faulty. Vertex Support has been spectacular at trouble shooting and now the are sending a new power bar without hassle. Great company and great support so far.
  8. Salty Pickle

    Vertex cerebra beta participants

    waiting for approval, thank you for the link.
  9. Salty Pickle

    Vertex cerebra beta participants

    I fit the doser, doser containers, cerebra power strip, ecotech backup battery, and all the cables in the chiller side and then I built a removable false wall for the controllers and to make it look cleaner. Its been a long night of tinkering. Still have a small amount of cable management left but I would say the Cerebra is officially installed.
  10. Salty Pickle

    Vertex cerebra beta participants

    I finished installing the cerebra tonight. I placed a ton of equipment into the chiller side of my reefer. The power bar on the cerebra was much larger than i anticipated but i made it work SaveSave
  11. Salty Pickle

    Vertex cerebra beta participants

    I am struggling to get this thing programed, anybody have time to help a brother out?
  12. Salty Pickle

    Vertex cerebra beta participants

    according to Meredith from BRS the probes do not work
  13. I am swamped with projects around the house and time seems to be a hot commodity for me right now, so I am looking to delegate some of my "to do" list. I need a plumber that can install a utility sink in my garage, the hot/cold is about 4ft away from where the sink needs to go. God news is that my "crawlspace" is more of a "slightly hunched space", its about 5 feet tall, plenty of room to work. I also need a drain installed in the wall of my living room so I can simply drain my water without buckets or hoses running across the house. I just want to watch the water magically disappear, lol. I do not have any trades, just cold hard cash. Anybody know somebody that may know a guy that can do said project in Gresham?
  14. Salty Pickle

    Mr. Brets Zoas Feedback

    Today I had the honor of meeting Mr. Bett at his coral hoarder cave and gazing upon his field of zoas. The pic in no way does the collection any justice. Mr. Brett allowed me to cherry pick a few frags and offered them at incredibly humble prices. His hospitality and willingness to answer questions makes 2 hours feel like 15 minutes. If anybody has the chance to visit and/or buy a couple frags, I highly recommend it. I have battled some significant outbreaks from buying "dirty frags" in the past so I am always a bit nervous every time I purchase something, whether it be from an online vender or a forum member. The first thing I did when I got home was dip the frags. While all the frags soaked I individual inspect each colony for eggs, zoa pox, ZE nudibranchs, flatworms and any other unwanted hitchhikers. With Mr. Brets frags, I found none. All I found at the bottom of the dip was a couple copepods and a baby Stomatella snail. I would not hesitate to purchase again in the future. Out of habit, I always transfer frags to new plugs that are seasoned in my sump so I might loose a couple heads, but that is a result of my own hyper vigilance and no indication on the health and quality of Mr. Brets frags. I am super happy with my frags, Thanks Bret!