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  1. Flatworms

    Just noticed some Flatworms in my tank. So I took out some corals dipped them...placed back in the tank. Whats your guys thoughts? How should I approach this? FlatWorm X? Followed by 50%water changes? Wrasse? Keep in mind this is a 25 Lagoon. Thanks. Chris
  2. Flatworms

    Thanks Brian! I’m going to dose my tank today...I have 10gallons ready!
  3. Nice ricordea in stock

    Thanks Rudy!!!
  4. Flatworms

    So I finally broke down and dosed Wife’s tank...success! All critters seem happy. Sea Apple has went through 3 tank upgrades and now this so IT is 💪🏿! I dosed 25 drops then after 40ish mins while waiting by tank sucked them up as I saw them. Added another 10 drops...followed by sucking them up. All together I took out 10 gallons of water. Replaced it all...followed by heavy carbon for 4 hours and then took out and added Chemi Pure! Tomorrow I will do my tank!
  5. Frogs...

    After the countless hours and days thinking what our daughter would like for her bday...we asked her. She says something nature and green. I said oh I know what that means to an 8yr old. She is not a toy kid. She loves her pets and is spoiled! So so here’s the new additions to our Zoo. Yellow Black and A Blue Black. If anyone has information or tips please share.
  6. Frogs...

    Just bring 🍩. We have plenty of room for those...
  7. Frogs...

    Finally Yellow came out! Blues name is Posion Yellows name is Dart
  8. Frogs...

    Daughters Bday officially is on the 21st you know where to find me. 🙄 crap did I say that?
  9. Frogs...

    Just don’t buy the one daughter wants on the 23rd it has blue feet green body!
  10. Frogs...

    Yesterday Daughter and I went to Pets On Broadway picked up some more plants and better frog scaped the tank. On the 23rd she’s getting one more frog.
  11. Nice ricordea in stock

    Agree I’ve been FB-less for over 3 years and Love it! Rudy post on the Club Forum Please!
  12. Bogo Acan weekend!

    We picked up one last weekend and they are sweet!!!
  13. Frogs...

    The little Yellow guy always hides. I think this weekend after Daughter and My bday...We May be in search for more Habitat products for the Frogs.
  14. Freshwater peeps?

    We have a small 10 gallon Kitchen tank that is swapped with plants and white tetras...
  15. Frogs...

    Thanks MVP! Springtails ok to fed them? I’m not planning to breed them just wanted the daughter to have some frogs as long as they get along? We were waiting to put one more in there but not sure if three is suitable for a 10 gallon? Curious how many times a day we should be misting tank? Usually I mist 4 times a day...is this too much? What would you recommend for lighting? We have a Led or is this to bright?
  16. Looking for ALL IN ONE Frag tank

    I have a two...25 Lagoons! I wanna upgrade but waiting for the right time to ask the Wife! (Want to upgrade to a 250 RS)
  17. MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    We would love to go! But...we will be in Germany for 20 Days. Someone wanna tank sit?
  18. Frogs...

    As far as there food...it won’t be to bad. By far Tropical Hut is the cheapest for food a huge container for 11$. Locally that is. I see online you can start your own cultural kits for 40$ or so that will start 10 culturals. At one point we may do that. For now we bought two big containers...so we can switch them out as they reproduce.
  19. Frogs...

    In captivity there are not poisons. Pets on Broad way has 10 or so Available on the 23rd. Tropcial Hut has some where we bought ours.
  20. Frogs...

    I do recall those. Wife and I have done quite some research before buying. The last Year or so we have wanted them. Flightless Fruit Flies are in there habitat. There’s 3-4 different kind of foods they can have...But recommend Flies 90% of the time.
  21. Need to borriw Glass suction cups

    Too bad I did not have more noticed. I could have picked up from our shop in wilsonville. Best of luck Brian
  22. WTB melanurus

    Tilte says it look for two small melanurus wrasse Thanks
  23. Flatworms

    Went to Upscales...bought the chemical crap. Bought Two wrasses to see if they would make a small dent...if not I’ll dose next weekend unless I’m too impatient.
  24. Flatworms

    Curious where to pick up a Nudi?
  25. Flatworms

    Thanks! I will order it now.