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  1. Flash21

    25 Lagoon and Stand

    25 Lagoon Tank Stand Heater and upgraded return pump 250$ No coral or fish included. Tank is in garage ready for new home.
  2. Flash21

    Spectras 100

    I’ll start the bid at 297.00 on the green trachy!
  3. Flash21

    Mushroom naming contest

    Orange Dirty Bastard
  4. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    So after many many months of trying to figure out what shroom I have, thought I’d ask... The base is purple Orange bubbles and appear perhaps might have white bubbles as well.
  5. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    With a purple hue? It’s more smooth as well and not texture like my bounces.
  6. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    I think these shrooms will be in the lock box. Unless I get a good offer on them 😂.
  7. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    I have to cut the other two off the rack when my new rack comes Monday 🙂.
  8. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    Yes it is...this shroom appeared out of the blue...next to my jaw breaker and bounce. The base is like a jaw breaker but purple with bounce bubbles. (BTW. I have Three of them)
  9. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    No way...
  10. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Please Close. I will make a new thread in a month or so. Brian I have your Monti! Just keep me up to date on when you’d like to get Mark I have yours as well! Happy Holidays
  11. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Bounce 130$ Not sure the going rate! Monti (I hope I’m labeling this correct!) 15$ I may add more corals to the list... Thanks
  12. Flash21

    New project. My smallest yet.

    Jack...we going to have another nano build off 🙄😂. Look pretty sweet. I just ordered two of those fittings.
  13. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Bounce Pending... )
  14. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Bounce 130$ Plan is to make serval frags tomorrow of all the montis I have.
  15. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

  16. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Alright will do. I still have your German gift I need you to pick up as well. I’ll frag it this weekend and have it ready for you in 2-3 weeks. As soon as I see it healing. Ill try and get you a fat chunk!
  17. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    No Arcos are in pictures. But if you wanna call it Arco, Sure.
  18. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Thanks Jeff.
  19. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    I have Rainbow Montis as well if anyone is interested? 15$ a frag but would need to cut and heal. As well as green leptoseris 15$ would need to cut and heal.
  20. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    This guy for 50$ I will frag up if I have serval people waiting small portions.
  21. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Alright Brian it’s yours!
  22. Flash21

    7th Annual Anniversary Sale!

    All of it will be gone before the big anniversary?!
  23. Flash21

    Reefer 350

    This is why I got a WaterBox with a home build stand. I did notice the stands are equal to Kmart or Target furniture.
  24. Flash21

    105g build

    Looks to be off a little. Squint one eye and look at bubble!
  25. Flash21

    ok folks... what did u get on black friday?

    Primes are alright. Make sure you have a back up fan! I have went through 4 fans. So my opinion is...hate them