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  1. reefgal

    Long nose hawk

    Battle ground wa
  2. reefgal

    Long nose hawk

    For sale $30.00 or trade for sps. 4 1/2 to 5 inch long nose hawk. Full grown.
  3. Hubby and i have a 1978 truck that we are selling. 79,000 original miles. Craigslist add: https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/6292127917.html Selling for 2,000 obo. OR... trade for a red sea tank.
  4. anyway, this thread is getting off topic. GLWS,
  5. Glocks... and firearms period... are not cheap.
  6. Randy. Where are you located? No matter if it is Washington or Oregon, you just have to do a gun transfer. (FFL) That is it. very simple, and painless. All shops do this. Both parties fill out paperwork, there is a small fee involved to do this. (I'm sure the person owning the glock would be more than happy to pay the transfer fee.) And thats it. Transfer complete.
  7. reefgal

    anybody out there

    thank you. I doubt anyone is looking to downsize. but you never know.
  8. reefgal

    anybody out there

    who wants to trade (plus some cash possibly on our end) tanks? We had a 210, loved it. Then tank got a crack in it, and had to break down. :( Anyway, we set up a 70 gallon cube, but hubby and I really do missing being able to have a Naso tang, triggers, lion fish, and other sorts of awesome bigger fish. If anyone has a deep dimension tank, and wants to trade for something smaller, let me know!
  9. Well it seems as though so far, no one is interested in the tank I am trying to sell. So unless someone buys this, I will not be able to get this one. :(
  10. PM sent Brian. Very interested, and depending on financial situation could pick up this weekend.
  11. reefgal

    co2 and reg.

    Looking for co2 tanks, and a regulator. I already have my calcium reactor. really anxious to set it up. text me with what you got! thank you! (503) 890-1874
  12. reefgal

    Free purple monti cap

    Thanks for this! Looks great!
  13. reefgal

    Free purple monti cap

    Hhhhmmm.... ok. I am in battleground. I could pick up tomorrow?
  14. reefgal

    Free purple monti cap

    Where are you located?