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  1. 48" Giesemann Aurora

    Scott this has ur name all over it
  2. Thanks Jeff!!

    Im waiting for colorado sunburst!!!!!
  3. Looking for simple hood

    A friend of mine needs a light for her tank Looking for a simple stock hood 30x9 and one Or two fliourrscesnt bulbs is fine Let me know if you have sonething laying around and what you want $
  4. RO/DI Problems

    I use a chloramine buster cartridge also
  5. RO/DI Problems

    I have a pressure gauge on both side of my pre filters and not changing much at all???
  6. RO/DI Problems

    Im 80 before and 75 after. I install a gauge a long time ago to ck this very issue
  7. RO/DI Problems

    So to make a long story somewhat short here is my dilemma i have a Spectrapure 5 stage ro/di unit and lately my membranes are only lasting 2-3,months. It was a 180 gpd unit but I pullled one of the membranes off as I did not need that much when I replaced membrane ($$$$$) I run a booster pump and keep PSI AT 80 my garage temp is roughly 60 and I flush membrane whenever I do water changes. The rejection rate is 99% ($$$) and waste ratio is 3:1 TDS in is only 80 so for the life of me cannot figure out what could foul it so quick to the point it takes 3-4 days to make 30 gallons it is hooked up to a float valve on main system and I eveporate4-5 gallons total per day Membrane/filters and both DI canisters we’re swapped for new on 7/28/17 and now can hardly make any water thoughts??? Brian
  8. Big mama has baby

    Tom is thsn Electus?
  9. MP10 wet side not staying put!

    Hey Dodge too thick for mp10
  10. Wtb mushrooms

    Here the baby underneath momma
  11. New Red Sea display!

    Night work as usual jeff!
  12. Skimmers and sumps for sale!!

    Do you have dimensions on the sumps
  13. Wtb mushrooms

    Ill get photos when lights come on
  14. Wtb mushrooms

    I have a baby gameover or JB and sone orsnge ricordias
  15. 93 gallon acrylic cube FREE!!!

    Oh yes i do remember this one!!! Tank was built by locally. His name i cant remember right now but soneone is getting a nice set up that is willing to put sone elbow grease into it!!! GLWS!