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  1. River City Corals

    FS: SpectraPure 180 + Booster + Lots of filters

    Jon I’ll take the booster if you separate
  2. River City Corals

    Tiny bit of progress

    My .02. In reefing I have found to KISS Im other words keep it stupid simple! The more we throw into things the more “tinkering” or messing with it later always comes into play. I had that exact dimension tank previously and (4) 1.5” drains are completely overkill. Depending on the pump your running and what your overall goal is for turn over, 3 is plenty. The likelihood you would ever need a clean out is next to never. I think there are several tried/tried methods for plumbing our reef tanks that would suit your build perfectly. If ur into just trying something “different” then go for it!!! Half of the fun in reefing is the design and creativity that goes along with it. Just plan ahead, lots of unions and leave yourself an out of way to fix if it does not work like you plan! Whatever route you go. Have fun!
  3. River City Corals

    Redsea max nano

  4. River City Corals


    And my mistake he edited it after your post
  5. River City Corals


    Hey Maxi I believe prices are there. Below pics
  6. River City Corals

    Tiny bit of progress

    Let’s hear about it
  7. River City Corals

    WTB. Brs clear mesh

    Man that would be awesome my friend
  8. River City Corals

    Any Ideas on This One?

    Sorry no luck on ID but likely changing due to lighting/nutrients
  9. River City Corals

    WTB. Brs clear mesh

    I need roughly abouece that is 30x30. Let me know how much $. I work the next 4 days and can get it on days off or if I’m the couch meet you sooner let me know if this works for either of you that have it!! Thank you
  10. River City Corals

    Wrasse Combo

    Prob not a big deal. How big is the tank? Do you know if Male or female?
  11. River City Corals

    WTB. Brs clear mesh

    Yes where yuh located?
  12. River City Corals

    Ecoplus 1/4HP Chiller - $150

    Hey Tim got specs as far as what it is Caples of bringing water down by?
  13. River City Corals

    WTB. Brs clear mesh

    Yeah my bad. Had a hockey tourney this weekend
  14. River City Corals

    WTB. Brs clear mesh

    Sorry Brandon I got busy 34x24
  15. River City Corals

    WTB. Brs clear mesh

    Lemme ck