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  1. River City Corals

    ? Bout radion RMS slide

    Got it thanks Is there anything to stop slide with ligh coming off the rail if it tilted?
  2. River City Corals

    ? Bout radion RMS slide

    Anyone know what the 4 little plastic/rubber pieces are for that come in RMS slide kit?
  3. River City Corals

    Free 6" Yellow Tang (Sally) to a good home

    Still need a home or is she is she re-honed
  4. River City Corals

    25 Lagoon pre sale...

    Nice tank man!!!
  5. River City Corals

    WTB: Tank!

    Glass or acrylic?
  6. River City Corals

    WTB: Tank!

    Ouch.....far from grandma Style let alone the 80’s
  7. River City Corals

    Few high end equipment for sale

    What are you switching to now
  8. River City Corals

    Just lost a blueface angelfish

    Man what a bummer. Sorry to hear for sure. Hopefully you got it figured out and the rest are doing ok
  9. River City Corals

    50g low boy

    I got the two I have at Sierra pet up in the Seattle area. They ordered for me and I picked up. I think my cost was about $119 each
  10. River City Corals

    50g low boy

    They are tough to find for sure. They are frequently out of production. I would check with @CuttleFishandCoral jefff can likely find them for you
  11. River City Corals

    Sunset Milli

    Rudy or Mattv gotta have sonething or Brad for that matter
  12. River City Corals

    Looking for Dr Tim’s

    Got a bottle of stability today and some ammonia chloride to feed bacteria Also got new lights!!!
  13. River City Corals

    Looking for Dr Tim’s

  14. River City Corals

    Looking for Dr Tim’s

    Anyone have any Dr Tim’s sitting around? Looking to kick start my cycle a bit so thought I would ask before I order. Thanks in advance
  15. River City Corals

    Prize Coral Dead - RTN

    My guess is the bio pellet reactor stripped your nutrients too fast. Sps do not like big changes or change for that matter. Sorry you lost your favorite though