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  1. Group buy or growout contest?

    Grow out!!!
  2. Going Sockless

    Surprised the cheato is not absorbing it all
  3. Wtb/wtt: 30” sump

    Hit Ron up I am sure he has something
  4. Frag Tank with stand and light $100

    That should go quick Ron. GLWS
  5. Looking for mp 40 wet side

    Thursday bump
  6. Looking for mp 40 wet side

    Somebody got some parts !!! C’mon peeps
  7. Looking for mp 40 wet side

    Anyone got a wet side or some parts. I need the back and front piece that encases the magnet. Or just a whole wet side Let me know what you got and how much$ thanks in advance
  8. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    Sweet look forward to seeing what u gone up with
  9. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    Something to keep in mind is ATI ballasts overdrive their lights and cool them with fans to get the par they get out of them and don’t forget the ultra shiny reflectors they use.
  10. What's the best Internal Overflow Box, and how to set it

    Hands down the synergy is awesome Maybe talk to Charles aka wannareef @wanareef
  11. Contractors?

    Contact me for details
  12. Contractors?

    Sent you pm
  13. Free flame angel

    Where u located
  14. 100 Gallon Rimless setup

    Ron what are you goin to now?