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  1. okay some of you have been TO MY HOUSE B4 before some not i have about 10-12of those home depot tubs the black and yellow ones 27 gallons full of stuff that needs to go at least 60 pumps several calcium reactors gfo carbon bio various parts a few skimmers and just about every plumbing part you could want in a life time plus a ton of other things used value of about 3000 to 5000 ENOUGH TO OPEN A SMALL STORE im moving in a week and need this stuff gone I DONT HAVE THE TIME OR ENERGY TO DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE include are a mag 7 A COUPLE OF OTC 300 A 4000 A 500 A PCI 7-0 100 110 (2) 20 A 30 IWAKI sedra 3000 5000 a cr140 a asm g4 5 tanks a 40b 55 l a 60 a 110 peninsula 120 frag plus about 1000 in hard line plumbing parts bring a truck all of it for 250 bucks NO negotiations all of it oR it goes in the trash iT'S IN THE WaY AND HAS TO GO NOW I WANT IT GONE TODAY CALL NO PM'S NO MSGS NO TXTS CALL ME AT 971 660 2959
  2. Soory i havent been on point with responding and getting back to everyone. I will just that I caught a wicked spring cold. Wound up in bed the later part of yesterday and most of the day today. Just woke up and saw the responce was a bit over whelmed at my in box and my email .. forum member get pirority over email off CL in case anyone saw my ad there. Please be sure if you call me let me know you from here thanks. Again sorry for not getting you answered sooner. Just as soon as i can clear these cobwebs from my brain and get a bite to eat I will try to get you all answered tonight or at the latest by 1st thing in the am. I will start with the oldest first and move forward that way no one get jumped or bumped, Sorry thanks again
  3. Okay here goes need this stuff gone gone gone they the contractor starts next week and these items are in the way and i dont want them to get ruined so please if you think the price is too high make me an offer tanks: 148 gallon star-fire tank (has a provisional stand not furniture grade that you can have or leave) $ 250 72x18x24 I mis quoted the height in my last post as 27 that is my other tank sorry 120 tank new stand you clean $100 glass is in good condition not drill hence the low price $100 60 x18 x 26,5 17 cube tall 1/2 cast acrylic over all good condition some minor scuffs and scratches that could be buffed out $75 but not in the viewing area ie on the bottom of the tank kinda thing 95 frag race way 48x48x10 comes with plumbing and return pump needs buffed out comes with its twin for free knocked over by one of the contractors guys so it's now broken(the second on on one side $100 ) but repairable 110 gallon peninsula tank no brand custom built needs buff bu could be used as is $120 5 HOSPITAL TANK (NEVER USE COPPER IN IT JUST AS AN ISOLATION TANK) extrude please cant remember the brand but it one of those you get at pet co for about 60 ish bucks 10 300 gallon live animal shipping cube ? not sure what to call it it like a camping or picnic cooler that air baffle between the exterior wall and the inside wall of insulation it 4x4x3 ft for out side use or one heck of a monster sump perfect for aquaponics thinkk of those white tote but this is grey and insulated 150 skimmers : these are all in working order but may have a small defect(s) like some scratches or or minor nick and scuffs ie wear and tear from normal usage a couple though have never gotten wet. octopus rps 2000 rps 3000 195 rps 4000 210 rps 4000 for part but could be fixed wa cracked in shipping has 2 other wise is brand new if your good with plastic it can be fix back to operational for cost of weldon 4 only and about an hours time 75 rps 1000 kneck broken off can be gliued back on 40 reef octopus 150 int ssro 250 needs collection cup which can be ordered from coral view for 40 ish dollars comes with psk250 pump or you can pick a different one for what i have Mrc 700 new has both venturies comes with mag drive 18 (pump is used) 150 obo coral view fusion new never wet there are 2 one a 150 and a 75 gal 100 the smaller one need a collection cup 25 2 aqua maxx 150 4in body 2 aqua maxx 250 6 in body this is enough for now. once this stuff is gone i'll list the lights, reactor bio,zeo,clacium kalkwassers t12 t5 power compact ballasts etc and plumping supplies and chillers and chiller parts. really i need this stuff gone i'll make you a killer deal but please dont low ball me i'll will work with you. this is stuff i have accumulated over the last 10 years total retail value of every thing is around 30,000 to 40,000 in equipment maybe a little more that at current market value used if someone was ever thinking of opening a shop... make me an offer.. for every thing (im thinking 20 to 25 cents on the dollar for a package deal). (I cant do this any more "WAS" a silver lvl power seller on ebay for this stuff) then i got sick I completely closed shop with the exception of the occasional cl ad stopped business about 2 years ago almost 3yrs ago I'm trying to get the remodel done to sell the house. I cant do it with these things here. so make me a reasonable offer on any item and you"ll probably go home with it thanks please txt me for pics on specific items but if you google it it will look pretty much the same if there is any thing major wrong with it i make a note,
  4. have 2 ,3 4, 5 , 6 inch ones with feed pumps different brand how big is your system
  5. yes have a couple that could be used both more like 30 in
  6. yea dont have a dc that big but if your not in a big hurry i can turn you on to a vendor i know and you can buy one for about 50 including shipping its a unbranded reef octopus with controller think if i remember right they are black and white instead of red and white good pump. a/c pumps that size but the biggest dc i have and just looked is about 500 gal
  7. how big of a pump are you looking for? and application please might have one
  8. have a mrc 800 with dual becketts 1408 ran by a danner mag 18 or a pci 70 hd or a 150 you can pick the pump or take all three will handle its 35 hig but you can add an extension and go higher if depending on weather you run it with one or 2 venturies and the pump size you can go up around 1500 gallons also have a 10 in body missing cup can be ordered from coral view for 40 bucks ssro ddnw250 with a sedra 5000 or a otp 5000 pump you pick the set up 125 bucks als have a octopus rsp3000 and a rps4000. Could just build you one the size you want or build you a diy kit as well. would you like an order for fries to go with that sir and would like to supersize the skimmer for and xtra 50 cents?
  9. has dual overflows with total of 4 drilled holes in bottom of tank 2 each
  10. 27 tall 18 deep 6 foot long all 4 side panels are starfire glass cost was just over 2400 delivered from Canada tank only was 1800 and change
  11. ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner.. miles your the next contestant on the controller is mine! (Que bob barker model walks out showing off the controller) lol when can you pick it up
  12. classic 150 in sump skimmer with new pump otp 2000 the old one had a nick in the cord and the new one has less than an hour on it i just got it wet to make sure everything was working correctly it is in very good to excellent condition asking 100 will take 80 if you pick up today txt me at 503-290-8186
  13. just the controller sold the light and the person who bought it already had one now what do i do with it? cheap $25 txt me at 503-290-8186
  14. just as it says $75 or best offer comes with extra impeller txt me at 503-290-8186 if you pick up to day will take 60 for it Danner Supreme Aqua-Mag 18 Water Pump Information Danner Mfg. Magnetic drive Supreme pumps are made to run continuously, without seals to wear out. Highly energy efficient, the savings pass on to the consumer. Suitable for large aquariums, small ponds, sump pump, piped statuary and ponds, Hydroponic systems and as a recirulation pump Flow Rate: 1800 GPH maximum flow with a 16.85` shut-off Power Consumption: 90 Watts Pump Size (L x W x H): 6.4" x 4.5" x 4.6" Outlet Size / Inlet Size:3/4" MPT / 3/4" FPT 10` grounded power cord specs
  15. parting out my 150 system selling it in parts this for the tank only its a Miracles Aquarium 72x18x27 about 3 years old dual over flow in very good to excellent condition asking $300 need it gone this week end need the room txt me for pics for some reason its not letting me load pics have other equipment available ask me if you need some thing letting it all go cheap skimmer, t5 lights, couple for par 38 10 and blue, calcium reactor, pumps all of it needs a new home check other listings for the specs i will be posting them as time permits over the next day or so. thanks also please make an offer i'm easy but really this one needs to go preferably today hate to sell it but i would prefer that to seeing it get broken by some accident
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